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German Shepherd Dog Mix
Sex: neutered male
Age: 8 Years
Size: 55 lbs
Sweet Yuma is very shy and very cute. This sweet boy will need lots of careful socialization, slow and consistent, so he'll be able to ease into new environments and meeting new people. Once he knows and trusts you, he'll relax and become the lovable boy he was meant to be. We see more of his personality when he is with his bonded pair friend, Sadie. Yuma seems to gain confidence when he has a more balanced and outgoing dog to mimic. Yuma needs guidance, positive reinforcement training, and lots of people and dog socialization.... but slowly slowly and with calm, measured steps. This is a dog who will take time to know, time to learn about doggie-ness, but possibly no time to endear himself in your heart. Come meet Yuma, and plan to spend a little extra time to get to know each other. Yuma and his bonded pal, Sadie, must be adopted together. Call 805-681-4369 for more information.

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